Frequently Asked Questions

Whats in the Diesel Crate?

That is a surprise!! You can check out previous months boxes on Instagram but we never reveal future products. Every month is different so don't expect many items from the past in future boxes!

When will my Diesel Crate ship?

Diesel Crate is a monthly subscription box. So every month a box for you will be shipped out on the 1st. For example: If you subscribe on October 12th your Diesel Crate will not ship until November 1st.

When will I receive my Diesel Crate?

Shipping times vary for where you are located in the country. Typically shipping time can range from 2-4 days for domestic packages. If you are an international subscriber your shipment might take a little longer due to customs and office holds regarding tariffs. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription you must log into your Diesel Crate account. Under the ‘My Subscriptions’ box you must click ‘Edit Subscriptions’.  At the bottom of the screen is a button that says cancel subscription. If you email our team to cancel your subscription we cannot do so. You must follow these instructions in order to not be charged for the next months box. 

What is the Diesel Crate cancellation policy?

In order to cancel your Diesel Crate you must follow the cancellation instructions above. You MUST cancel your subscription by the 10th day of the month at 11:59pm in order to not be charged for the next months Diesel Crate. In the occurrence that you do not cancel your subscription and are charged again, you will not receive a refund for your order and you will receive the box that you paid for. We do not accept emails asking to cancel the subscription. You must log into your account and cancel the subscription. We do this in case of fraud or accidental cancellations.  

My package is taking a long time to deliver. What can I do?

As we are moving into the winter months you do need to be aware that shipping can be halted by inclement weather. This is out of our control and we will not issue refunds in this case. Once the pak's leave our distribution center it is out of our hands and USPS handles it from here! Track your package via or you can call 1-800-222-1811 and provide your tracking number and receive a shipping update. Once USPS scans and delivers the package to the address you provided it is YOUR responsibility. Diesel Crate nor USPS is responsible for stolen packages. If you receive a damaged package please email us immediately: so we can contact USPS to  resolve the issue.

I put the wrong address and someone else received my package. What can I do?

Unfortunately unless the receiver of the package sends it back to our distribution center we cannot do anything for you. We STRONGLY encourage you to double check your shipping address. If you notice that you entered your shipping or billing address incorrectly please fix it immediately. We ask that you do not email us with information changes unless the website will not allow you to change your own.

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